Working with Authentic Data

How do we create meaning out of data?

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Using data is one way to look at trends, draw conclusions, and create meaning about topics. Graphs and charts are used in everyday life. Below you will find some projects and resources to assist with data analysis in your classroom.

Where to Find Authentic Data
Store, share, and explore world statistics.
    •Global Grocery
Students across the world post data about the cost of groceries and items where they live.
    •Weather Data Collection
National Weather Service provides real time data about wind currents, ocean currents, and several other atmospheric elements.
    •MLB Baseball Statistics
America's favorite passtime, students could compare statistics with salaries, ticket sales etc.
    •US Department of Labor
Tons of statistics about jobs, wages, and occupations.
    •US Census Bureau
A resource for population, housing, economic, and geographic data.
    •Bureau of Justice Statistics
Crime statistics
    •Earth Observatory
NASA collection of Earth data
    •Nation Master
Statistics for comparing nations
    •Census Scope
Graphs and Charts on census data
    •The Arctic by NOAA
Tons of ways to explore what is happening in the Arctic. Includes webcams and more!
    •Earth Trends
Databases of Environmental information
Lesson Ideas Using Authentic Data
    •The Titanic
Great idea for using data to draw conclusions. Many links are broken. Perhaps borrow the ideas and rebuild this around another topic.
    •My NASA Data Lesson Plans
Lesson plans which incorporate true satellite data into the classroom
    •The Cereal Box Problem
Students use tables to look at probablity
    •Bucket Buddy
Participate in an online project about pond organisms and then use data from other students to analyze trends in pond ecosystems.
    •Making Baseball Predictions
Using Baseball statistics, make predictions about who the winning team will be
    •Thrill Rides
Research variables of rollercoasters and based on the data, recommend top three to ride.
    •National Park Vacation
Using information about National Park area, mountain size, and cost for travel, make a recommendation about what park to visit
    •Best Weather
Using weather data, determine what city has the best weather
Tools for Analyzing Authentic Data
    •Google Spreadsheet
Free Account Required
    •Create a Graph
Very simplistic way to analyze small amounts or data
    •Shodor Interactivate
Java applets of all types for comparing and manipulating data
Collaborative Spreadsheet Free Account Required
Online Calculators,Budget Planners, and more tools for investigating trends and creating plans
Collaborate on Spreadsheets, polls, and more

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