The who, what, and where of penguins.

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Danielle Webber

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Webber, Danielle. "Pengiuns." October 2007.


This is a list of websites that you can use to introduce habitat an life cycle of animals.

This is a site to start the educators knowledge of penguins. It can be used as basic knowledge as a jumping off point.
    •Magellanic Penguin
The San Francisco Zoo Offical Webpage on Penguins. Covers various aspects of the penguin from fun facts to status in the wild.
    •The Shrinking World of Penguins
A National Wildlife Article about the disappearing habitat of artic penguins and others.
    •Penguin species
A Sea World website appendix on the different species of penguins including a picture or illustration.
    •Penguins for Children
California Academy of Sciences Library

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