Plant Structures

How do plants survive and reproduce?

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Christopher L. Christie. Abronia villosa var. villosa. 2004


What parts make up a plant? How do these different structures help a plant survive and reproduce? You should use these websites to learn the different parts of a plant and what they do.

1. Parts of a Plant
    •Plant Explorer
Read the directions and learn about the different parts of a plant.
    •Plant Parts
Read a brief description of the basic plant parts.
2. How do plants grow?
    •How to plants grow?
Try this link to see what plants need to thrive.
    •What do plants need?
Click here to see the four basic things a plant needs to be alive.
3. Life Cycle of a Plant
    •Video of Growing Plant
Click here to watch a video of the life cycle of a plant.
4. Flowers = Reproduction
    •Parts of a Flower
Learn about the different parts of a plant
    •Parts of a Flower Game
Test your knowledge about the different structures of a flower.

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