Discovering Other Planets, the Asteriod Belt and the Comets

How would your life be different living on Mars compared to living on Earth?

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NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (NASA-JPL). "The New Solar System." November 6, 2000. 9 Oct 2007

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Have you ever wondered why people would want to know about the other planets? Believe it or not, knowing and understanding the different planets, the Asteroid Belt and the comets can benefit our lives. The following links show you information about the different planet, the Belt and the comets.

    •Solar System Exploration: Comets
This tells you about the comets with great pictures in the gallery.
The Asteriods
    •Solar System Exploration: Asteriods
This site is an overview about asteroids as rocks which makes up the Asteroid Belt.
    •The Nine Planets: The Asteriod Belt
A very colorful site that tells you about the Asteroid Belt as a whole.
The Planets
    •The Nine Planets
This is a great and colorful website about the nine planets and their information.
    •Solar System Exploration: Planets
Learn more about each planets by clicking on the planets itself from the image.

|  Comets  |  The Asteriods  |  The Planets  |

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