The World of Abstract Art

How Do Abstract Artists See The World?

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Ellie Tognolini

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Picture by Nora Im. First grade. "My Self Portrait." October 2004.


Welcome to the fun and exciting world of abstract art! What is abstract art? What does abstract art look like? What tools do we use to make abstract works of art? During this lesson we will learn what abstract art is, what it may look like and all the tools we can use to produce our works of art.

Abstract Art
    •What is Abstract Art?
This is a site for learning what abstract is! It shows pictures of artists abstract work.
Examples of Self Portraits
    •Self Portraits
This site is wonderful because it shows pictures of self portraits done by other first graders. It's fun to see how other students painted themselves.
Learning About Art
    •The Artist's Toolkit
This is a great site for learning about abstract art. We can learn about lines, color, and shapes.
Pictures of Abstract Art
This site shows us pictures of abstract art and what it may look like. This site has lots of pictures.

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