Water, Water...Everywhere!

Why is water essential to all life?

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Britton, Ian. "Water Texture." FreeFoto.com 12 February 2002. 8 October 2007


See where water exists and how it moves by looking at the water cycle. You will need to look at the websites below in order to complete the worksheet provided. These websites will also help you to observe and complete the series of activities we will do in groups. By the end of this activity, you will know all about the water cycle!

Movement of the Water Cycle
    •Water Cycle Diagram
This is a great website that shows you where water exists and how it moves. You can see by the diagram that water moves constantly; there is no beginning and no end!
Processes of the Water Cycle
    •Read about the Water Cycle
This is a another great site with pictures that shows you what evaporation, condensation, and precipitation are.
    •Water Science for Schools: The Water Cycle
Read about the water cycle in Spanish, Chinese, Farsi, and other languages!
Recycling Water
    •Recycling Water
This is a really good site you can listen to and learn about the water cycle and how water can be recycled and reused.

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