Discovering Paul Bunyan

What makes Paul Bunyan so "tall"?

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Christina Wong

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MovieWorks. Tree Trunks. 2004.


Paul Bunyan is the hero of one of the greatest tall tales of all time. On this page, you will find links to discover the world of tall tales and, of course, Paul Bunyan.

    •Full Animated Story
Hear one of many complete stories of Paul Bunyan in this interactive read-along.
    •More Paul Bunyan Stories
Read more stories about Paul and Babe's fantastic adventures.
    •Paul Bunyan & Friends
Paul had giant friends, too. Read all about them here. (Also, find out how many storks it took to carry baby Paul!)
    •Help Paul Bunyan Get Dressed
What does a giant man wear? Whatever you want him to!
    •Paul Bunyan - Online Puzzle
What does Paul Bunyan look like? Put this puzzle together to see!

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