Life Forms of the Tropical Rain Forests

What are tropical rain forests, and what kinds of plants and animals live there?

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Let's learn about the many plants and animals that live in the tropical rain forests. Did you know that the tropical rain forests are home to millions of different species, or kinds, of animals and plants? In fact, the rain forests only cover 2% of the earth's surface, but they are home to 50% of the earth's animals and plants. It's true!

Use these websites to explore tropical rain forest facts, and discover the interesting life forms -- both plant and animal -- that live there.

Animals of the Rain Forests
    •Rain Forest Animals
Visit this page to find out about vampire bats, bengal tigers, harpy eagles, and more!
    •Rain Forest Animals
Here, you'll explore many of the animals that call the rain forest home. Scroll through using the right and left arrows.
    •Species Profiles
Who has ever heard of the Red-Eyed Tree Frog or the Black Howler Monkey? You'll learn a lot about them here!
Plants of the Rain Forests
    •Rain Forest Plants
This site will introduce you to the wild and wonderful plants of the rain forest. Use the right and left arrows to explore.
    •Plant Life in the Rain Forests
This is another great place to learn about the unusual plants that grow in the tropical rain forests.
Rain Forest Facts
    •What Are Rain Forests?
Before we learn about the animals and plants that live in the rain forests, we must learn what a rain forest is. This site will help us do just that.
    •Why Are Rain Forests Important?
Rain forests matter in our lives. Learn how they help to balance the earth's climate, provide important foods and medicines, and more.
    •Why Are Rain Forests Disappearing?
Deforestation -- or the cutting down of forests -- is causing the tropical rain forests to disappear. This site has great information about deforestation.
    •How Can We Save Rain Forests?
Let's learn some simple things we can do to help save the rain forests.

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