Water, Water Everywhere

What would your life be like if you were a drop of water?

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Nicole Harra

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SA Water, 2004


Imagine you are a drop of water, where do you go in your lifetime? What forms do you take, vapor (gas), liquid, solid? How does the sun (solar energy), the ocean, the wind, rivers, lakes and streams, mountains and trees affect your life as a raindrop?

1. As you research the Water Cycle, write the definitions of the words on the handout provided. Add at least three new words you want to know more about.

2. Draw a diagram of the Water Cycle. Choose your favorite diagram or create your own, use colored pencils to create the land and seascape, label at least five aspects of the Water Cycle.

3. With a partner take the Quiz and work together on the Write Away. Follow the directions on the web site.

4. At home gather raindrops in your own rain gauge.

Diagram, Quiz and Write Up
    •Water Cycle Diagram
A picture for you.
    •Water Cycle Quiz
Click the green button to play.
    •Write Away
Can you tell what happens to a drip?
Research the Water Cycle
    •The Water Cycle
Read about where water goes.
    •USGS Summary of the Water Cycle
More information from the experts.
Try this at Home!
    •Rain Gauge.
Gather drops of rain.

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