Growing What We Eat

Gardening to feed ourselves, and how plants grow

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Maya Rattiner

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When we eat a fruit or vegetable, we eat a part of a plant. What are the different kinds of vegetables? What parts of the plants have they come from? How have people grown what they could eat here in San Francisco? What do plants need to grow, anyway?

What We Eat: Parts of Plants
Search through this website's list of vegetables to do the worksheet on what part of the plant certain vegetables come from.
    •What Plants Need
Follow the leads on this website to find out what plants need to grow.
    •Another view of what plants need
click here for another description of whatplants need to grow. Which site did you prefer?
Victory Gardens, San Francisco
    •Victory Gardens
What is a Victory Garden?
    •San Francisco Victory Gardens
Look here to see what people in our city did at one time in history.
    •City Hall Today
This is what the City Hall Victory Garden spot looks like now!

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