Seeing Through a Multicultural Lens

What would happen if different cultures did not exist?

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Teresa Hodges

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Think about a time when you felt very different from someone else. Was it because you have a different hair color? Or was it because you like different activities? Or something else? How did it feel to be different?

We learn from people who are similar to us and also from people who are different than us. There are times, however, when we do not hear about the voices that are different from us. Sometimes people are discriminated against because they are different. This project will help students explore viewpoints, experiences, and histories from different people.

Come learn why it is important to learn from other people's stories!

Multicultural Stories
    •"Muslim Girl"
This is a story written by a student about a Muslim girl who is discriminated against in school.
    •A Story of the Cherokees
Read to find out about why the Cherokees moved from the Georgia area to Oklahoma.
    •A Young Boy Named Miguel
Read the poem about a young boy named Miguel, who comes to the United States.
    •A Story About a Japanese American Girl
This story is written by a student about how a Japanese American girl and her family were sent away during the war.
Write Your Own Story
    •You write a multicultural story!
Now it is your turn to write a multicultural short story! You can write about yourself, or about a fictional character. Use this link as a guideline of how to start writing.

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