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I am writing a social studies unit for a 4th grade class on Native peoples of California. Here are some websites I have used that provided great non-traditional lesson plans along with interesting resources to beef up my knowledge of Calfornia Indians.

    •Native American Books
This website exists as a resource for teachers looking for books about Native Americans. Includes reviews and helpful hints on getting out of print titles.
    •California Tribes
Maps and great links to other concrete information about Indians of California. Refer to this to look for what tribe lived in your area of California!
Individual Tribes
    •Autry National Center
Website to the Autry Center, which includes the Southwest Museum of the American Indian, Museum of the American West, and Institute for the American West. Great for students because it has resources to foster discussion about the traditional view of "Cowboys and Indians" and stereotypes about the Old West.
Lesson Plans
    •Native American Lesson Plans
Includes some great ones. I recommend "Not Just another Native American Unit." It's downloadable.

|  Books/Literature  |  Handouts  |  Individual Tribes  |  Lesson Plans  |

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