Fun with Coordinate Graphing!

Created by,
Kathryn Staehling

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These fun games & activities will help you to get smart quick with coordinate graphs!

    •Billy Bug
Help Billy Bug move around the coordinate graph to find food!
    •What's the Point?
Well, the point is to name each point you come to. The answers are given in multiple choice format, so answer carefully! Start on the "easy" level and work your way up to "medium" and "hard."
    •Top Quark
Similar to Battleship, in this game you hide little "quarks" (cartoon characters) on your coordinate grid. The opponent does the same, then you try to guess where their Quarks are hidden, while they try to find yours.
    •Maze Game
Get your character to the safe green spot through a maze of bombs! Pick ordered pairs to move to without hitting a bomb!

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