What are frogs and what do their families look like?

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When a frog is born, what does it look like? How does it grow up? Look at the websites below to find the answers. On your worksheet, cross out all the pictures that aren't the frog's offspring (children). Then number the offspring from youngest to oldest. Write the name of the life stage of each picture beneath from the list provided.

Frederick the Frog's Life Cycle
    • Life cycle of frogs
Pictures of how a frog develops from and egg to an adult.
    •A - Introduction to Something Froggy
An introduction to Frederick the frog
    •B - Something Froggy Story
The story of Frederick the Frog, from egg to frog.
    •C - Something Froggy Activity
Help tell Fredericks story.
More websites on the Frog's Life Cycle
    • How to Keep Tadpoles, Various Anurans with Pictures
Pictures of real, live tadpoles growing into frogs!
    •Frog and Toad Photographs and Calls
Frogs sometimes croak to call their mates. Here you can see and hear different species.
What to do if you finish early
    •Catch the Frog Quiz - Frogs University of Wisconsin Sea Grant
See if you can catch the right frog!
    •Fact or Fiction? - Frogs University of Wisconsin Sea Grant
    •Jumping Frog Quiz - Frogs University of Wisconsin Sea Grant

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