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Kelly Williams, Kochamon and Her Family, 2006


The Families Around the World websites are useful in exploring the ways in which families are similar and different. The Global Family websites can be used to extend the idea of family. We are all related, one big family inhabiting the Earth. We are all connected every human, animal, tree, plant, mountain, rock, etc. What happens to one element of this web effects all.

    •Material World: A Global Family Portrait
In honor of the United Nations-sponsored International Year of the Family in 1994, award-winning photojournalist Peter Menzel brought together 16 of the world's leading photographers to create a visual portrait of life in 30 nations. Material World tackles its wide subject by zooming in, allowing one household to represent an entire nation. Photographers spent one week living with a "statistically average" family in each country, learning about their work, their attitudes toward their possessions, and their hopes for the future. Then a "big picture" shot of the family was taken outside the dwelling, surrounded by all their (many or few) material goods.
    •Children Just Like Me
A delightful, attractive look at children from around the world. The authors spent two years meeting and photographing youngsters from every continent and more than 140 countries. The volume is divided by continent, which is introduced with photos of children, their names, and nationalities. Then a double-page spread features pictures of each child's food, eating utensils, housing, school, friends, and family. The text gives the young people a chance to comment on their favorite games, friends, and hopes for the future.
    •A Life Like Mine
After ten years of study and consultation, UNICEF, the premier organization devoted to the care and welfare of the world's children, published the results of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Using these tenets as a base, A Life Like Mine profiles children from all over the globe leading their lives in different and fascinating ways. The challenges of nations both developed and developing are revealed in the stories and photographs in this special volume. DK and UNICEF have combined their inspirational forces to provide remarkable insight into children's lives.
    •If the World Were a Village: A Book about the World's People
There are currently more than six billion people on the planet! This enormous number can be difficult to grasp, especially for a child. But what if we imagine the whole world as a village of just 100 people? In this village * 22 people speak a Chinese dialect * 20 earn less than a dollar a day * 32 are of Christian faith * 17 cannot read or write * 39 are under 19 years old In a time when parents and educators are looking to help children gain a better understanding of the world's peoples and their ways of life, If the World Were a Village offers a unique and objective resource. By exploring the lives of the 100 villagers, children will discover that life in other nations is often very different from their own. The shrunk-down statistics -- some surprising, some shocking -- and David Smith's tips on building "world-mindedness" will encourage readers to embrace the bigger picture and help them to establish their own place in the global village.
    •Families: Around the World, One Kid at a Time
From School Library Journal Grade 3-5--Like Maya K. Ajmera and Anna Rhesa Versola's Children from Australia to Zimbabwe (Charlesbridge, 1997) and Barnabas and Anabel Kindersley's Children Just Like Me (DK, 1995), this title offers glimpses into youngsters' lives around the world. Each spread in this oversized volume includes a page of text consisting of a lengthy quote from and a photo of the featured child, quick facts on the country, a simple but colorful map, and at least one other attractive visual. The opposite page has a striking full-page photo of the youngster with his/her family. These photos are the strength of the book; many of the families are posed outdoors, often with a white sheet behind them used as an informal framing device. In some, the dress, family units, and background scenes offer more information than the unlikely text quotes that may be meaningless to readers. For example, 7-year-old Vadim from the Ukraine comments on "Turgenev, my favorite writer," and 8-year-old Cosmin from Romania states, "In 1991, you know, my country finally emerged from thirty years of Nicolae Ceausescu's dictatorship." In addition, while the reality of displacement is reflected in the stories of children from Afghanistan, Tibet, and Haiti, some readers may not understand why these children do not live in the country they represent. Ommer's photos are stunning, but other similar titles offer more useful information.--Daryl Grabarek, School Library Journal Copyright Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
From School Library Journal PreSchool-Grade 2-Through spare, simple text and appealing color photographs, Morris shows readers that "all children-are part of families" and that they come in all sizes, nationalities, and configurations. The format varies so that each page features one large or several smaller pictures. The text explains that "People in families love and care for one another-help one another-play together-cook-eat-and celebrate together." The book depicts family interactions in the United Kingdom, the United States, Ethiopia, Canada, Vietnam, South Korea, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Japan, and India. An index of photographs identifies each group and its nationality and a map indicates where the photos were taken. Joyce Rice, Limestone Creek Elementary School, Jupiter, FL Copyright 2000 Reed Business Information, Inc.
Families Around The World
    •Families Around The World
Video clips, 3 minutes each, children around the world talking about their families, can also see their homes
    •What The World Eats
What's on family dinner tables in fifteen different homes around the globe? Photographs by Peter Menzel from the book "Hungry Planet"
    •Stories From Around The World
A Families and Folktales Project. Illustrations by students
    •Portals To The World
Links to electronic sources around the world
Global Family
    •We Are All Related
A Report on the First International Conference of Elders of Ancient Traditions and Cultures, held between Feb 4 to Feb 9, 2003
    •We Are All Related
Extension, Bookmaking/Collage Art Project
    •We Are All Related
Great Book. Students from the G. T. Cunningham Elementary School in Vancouver, British Columbia, participated in a yearlong artist-in-residence program that emphasized intergenerational and intercultural studies. Children created mixed-media collages and explanatory text that became the traveling art exhibit reproduced in this volume. Twenty-eight selections, by artists from 8 to 12 years old, depict the cultural and individual heritages of these students. The accompanying text--transcribed in both English and the student's native language--explains each family's values and includes pieces by the child and a family elder. Viewed as a whole, the presentation underscores the fact that beneath exterior differences, people are much the same. An excellent choice for multicultural units, especially those involving art classes. Kay Weisman
    •We Are All Related
Mitakuye Oyasin is Lakota Sioux for "All My Relations." It is a prayer of oneness and harmony with all forms of life: other people, animals, birds, insects, trees and plants, and even rocks. It reminds us that we are connected to these other aspects of Creation, that we share a common kinship in the Hoop of Life.
    •We Are All Related
Lakota Ceremonial Pipe Songs and the teachings that go with them recorded by a respected elder and tradional Lakota medicine man: Joseph Flying Bye.
    •We Are All Related
Native Web, Provides links to websites of indigenous peoples in the US and worldwide
    •We Are All Related
    •We Are All Related
    •We Are All Related
Video: A Prayer to Wounded Knee, Prayer in Lakota and English, Music, Images of Wounded Knee (the Land)
    •We Are All Related
Art Project
    •We Are All Related
Video: FINAL PEACE MY TRIBUTE TO WOUNDED KNEE. History of events at Wounded Knee.

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