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People Making The World Better Through Their Art, 2006 Precita Eyes Muralists, San Francisco, CA.


Have you ever admired a mural from afar, but wondered how it was done? Have you ever considered doing one with your class? Here you will find some good resources for murals and how to plan to make one with your class.

You can:

-Find out what materials you'll need and get some good tips
on how to plan and paint your mural

-Look at pictures of murals in different places for inspiration

-Get real lesson plans for making murals and learn how to break the whole process down for kids!

How To Make a Mural
    •The Grid Method
Here's a step-by-step instruction in enlarging images using the gridding method. It is the method most commonly used by muralists.
    •Tips and Techniques For Painting Wall Murals
Here's a detailed explanation of everything you'll need to make your mural. There's also some valuable tips on what kinds of materials to use, final touches, etc.
Lesson Plans
    •Keith Haring-Inspired Wall Mural
Here is just one lesson plan for a Haring-inspired wall mural. This mural was created by students and parents and was made into a community event! Check out the Lesson plan database at
    •Fence Mural
This is another lesson plan from the haringkids website. Children painted a fence with colorful Haring-like figures that came out beautifully.
    •7th Grade Social Studies Mural
Here is a detailed lesson plan for making a social studies mural as a culminating project at the end of the school year.
Pictures of murals
    •Pictures of murals in Los Angeles
Look at some pretty impressive murals on the streets of LA. You can get some good ideas for whatever subject your mural will be on, such as community, culture, or politics.
    •Mexican Muralists of the 30's
Pictures of some of the most mind-blowing murals you will ever see. Although the content is adult and politically oriented, you can still get a lot of inspiration by looking at what is possible- and get ideas for composition, color, topic, etc.
    •Precita Eyes Murals
Some great murals done by Precita Eyes, a community mural arts center in the Mission district of San Francisco. These are more kid-oriented.

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