The many amazing and different places in the world.

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This web resourse list is to show the different climates, vegetation, and animals that live in the many different habitats that exist on earth. Grasslands, temperate forest, tropical rain forest, desert, tundra, and tide pools are all very different environments in which life is sustained in many interesting ways.

You will be able to view and read about each habitat and the animals that reside in each.

View photos of different animals and plants

Play interactive games

    •Animals of the Temperate Forest
shows layers of temperate forest and shows pictures of animals
    •Animals of the Grasslands
animal pictures and information about the grassland habitat
    •Animals of The Tropical Rainforest
map of tropical rainforests around the world, and rainforest animals
    •Animals of Tundra Habitats
pictures of animals and information about the tundra habitat
    •Animals of The Desert Habitat
Maps showing major deserts of the world, and animals that live in them.
    •Build Your Own Habitat
interactive game that allows you to see/build your own habitat
    •Desert Online Field Trip
talks about desert conditions, animals, and locations
    •Habitats of the World Lesson Plan
Francine Weinberg and Nancy White, educational consultants
    •Habitats: An Overview
Copyright 2003-2007 eMINTS and The Curators of the University of Missouri.
    •Sea Anemone Photo
    •Sea Anemone Photo Green
    •Tide Pool Photos
Many amazing and colorful animals that reside in the tide pool habitat.
    •Polar Bear Photo
tundra habitat
    •What causes the four season?
diagram as to why we have seasons.

|  Animals/Habitats  |  Interactive  |  Lessons  |  Photos  |  Questions  |

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