Native Americans of California

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Lieberman, Terri. "California Indians."

|  All Tribes-Use these Links FIRST!!!  |  Chumash   |  Maidu  |  Miwok  |  Ohlone/Costanoan  |  Yurok  |

Use these links to find out about your tribe.

Use the information you find to prove why your tribe should be accepted as a member of the Indian Alliance.

All Tribes-Use these Links FIRST!!!
    •California Indians
This site has great information about all the different native american tribes. You should look at this first!
    •A Hotlist on California Natives
This is another great site with information on all the different tribes.
    •California History Online: The First Californians
Look here for information on any of the tribes.
    •Wishtoyo Foundation - Chumash Indians
    •Miwok Information
    •The Ohlone Indians
    •An Overview of Ohlone Culture
    •The Yurok
Information about the Yurok tribe.

|  All Tribes-Use these Links FIRST!!!  |  Chumash   |  Maidu  |  Miwok  |  Ohlone/Costanoan  |  Yurok  |

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