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Bray, Sara. Pumpkin. pumpkin.jpg. 2003. My eCoach® eLibrary. Online. Available. 17 October 2007.


This is meant to be a resource for teachers who are interested in doing something special for Halloween, but want it to be meaningful to the curriculum.

    •Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater Online Coloring
From Enchanted Learning this is an online coloring activity that ties into the poem.
First and Second Grade
    •Math Word Problems
Halloween Math Word Problems The answers and the problems appear when you highlight the Answer Bar! (they are typed in the same color as the background, so don't show up until you highlight them!
Third Grade
    •Pumpkin Farm Quiz
    •Pumpkin Riddles
    •Scholastic Goosebumps Site
There are sections here to learn about the author, activities and writing challenges.
Fourth Grade
    •Fact Monster Halloween
Assorted games and information about Halloween.
    •History of Halloween
This site is from the History Channel and has sections on the Origins of the Holiday, The Great Pumpkin, Haunted Houses, Treats, Superstitions and many other things.
Fifth Grade
    •National Geographic Kids on Vampire Bats
This site has audio, video, maps and lots of reading about Vampire Bats.
    •Pumpkins and More
This is another site with a lot of information about pumpkins. It is from the University of Illinois.
    •The Pumpkin Patch
There is a lot of reading on this site, but you can learn anything you want to know about pumpkins. The content probably relates mostly to science.
Fun Stuff
    •Carve a Pumpkin
from Net Trekker
    •PBS Kids Happy Halloween Site
There are lots of creative and fun activities about Halloween on this site.
Teacher Resource
    •Enchanted Learning Pumpkin Page
There are tons of printable resources on this page about Pumpkins.

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