The Water Cycle

Where does water go and where does it come from?

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Find out how water turns into rain, snow, or hail and is recycled back into the Earth for our use.

1. Read about the role and importance of freshwater on Earth
2. Look at the diagram and stages of the Water Cycle
3. Label the stages of the water cycle worksheet
4. Class Learning Activity on the Water Cycle

Freshwater on Planet Earth
    •Freshwater: Earth's Life Force
Read about the water cycle and the many roles of freshwater on our planet and in our lives.
Learning Activity 1
    •Planet H2O
Watch Thirstin's Water Cycle video, look at the Thirstin's Water Cycle diagram and answer the questions as instructed.
Watch and Learn about The Water Cycle
    •The Water Cycle
Look at this diagram and read about the stages of the water cycle.
    •Thirstin's Water Cycle
Watch this great animated video of the water cycle. Enjoy!
    •Planet H2O
Click on the link that says "Thirstin's Water Cycle Adventure" and check it out.
Water Cycle Worksheet
    •Water Cycle Fill In
Check out this diagram and use it to fill in the blanks.

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