Congruent Trianges

Theorems and Postulates for Proofs

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Boldt, Hans & Sylvana Grisonich-Boldt. "Triangles" 02 January 2006. 27 October 2007


Here are a list of websites that contain information about how to prove if triangles or their parts are congruent.

Basics of Triangles
Basic information and definitions of triangles
Equivalence Properties
    •Equivalence Relation
Definitions of equivalence properties that will be needed to prove parts of triangles
Test Yourself
    •Recognizing Congruent Triangles
Practice problems of proving congruent triangles.
Triangle Postulates and Theorems
Another website with an overview of congruent triangles postulates
    •Geometry: Congruent Triangles - Math for Morons Like Us
This is a great website for a quick overview of congruent triangle postulates.

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