Vocational Opportunities for People with Disabilities

Vocational Training

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Outsiders " Animation of People w/ Disabilities," 11/02/07 http://www.outsiders.org.uk/images/outsiders_colour.gif


This is a resource for students, parents, and teachers to help person's with disabilities find, apply, and keep jobs.

Disability Support Services
    •The ARC of San Francisco
The ARC of SF is a nonprofit agency that provides a variety of services to person's with disabilities in San Francisco. These services include job training and opportunities for recreation.
    •Marriot Foundation For Person's with Disabilities
Bridges provides helps person's with disabilities in transitioning from school to work. Bridges develops and supports mutually beneficial job placements to meet the workforce needs of local employers and the vocational goals of young people.
    •Jewish Vocational Service San Francisco
JVS (Jewish Vocational Service) builds the skills needed to succeed in today's workplace. We assist individuals to achieve self-sufficiency, and help businesses fulfill their employment goals.
Employment for Persons with Disabilities
    •San Francisco mayor's Commmittee for Employment of Persons with Disabilities
The San Francisco Mayor's Committee for Employment of Persons with Disabilities is the local extension of the President's Committee for Employment of Persons with Disabilities that was established in 1947. We are a collaboration of public and private employers, and community-based organizations that are dedicated to creating awareness and opportunities for the employment of persons with disabilities.

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