Science, Social Studies and Your Interactive Whiteboard

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So, you have a brand new SMARTboard...take a look at these activites and resources that can be used for Science and Social Studies.

Science Activities
    •EduWeb Interactive Activities
Thinking, problem-solving, and simulation activites for students.
    •Virtual Owl Pellets at KidWings
A website devoted to the study of winged animals. Includes the Owl Pellet activity.
    •WebWeather for Kids
The weather site for kids.
    •Planet 10 from Wired Science
See the solar system and create your own planet here.
    •BBC Schools "What is Weather"
Learn about weather in this cyber tutorial.
    •National Geographic's Critter Cam
Use your sb to actually watch various critters in their own element.
Science Resources
    •Super Science Sites
A list of top-quality sites provided by Kathy Schrock.
    •BGfL Whiteboard Resources for Science
A huge list of resources for whiteboards and science.
    •Trees and Plants
Resources for studying trees and plants including diagrams that can be shown on your sb.
    •JC Schools' Online Science
Resources and activites for the sb for science.
    •Science Toys from Household Materials
Make stuff for science from everyday objects.
    •Anatomy of a Black Hole
Great example of an online learning resource on black holes.
Social Studies Activities
    •National Atlas Maker
Learn more about our nation's geography using this tool.
    •The World Quiz
Test your knowledge about the continents and oceans of the world.
    •Quizville Social Studies
Click quizzes that can be used on sb to identify states, continents, etc.
    •Teach-nology Time Line Maker
Create online timelines here.
    •National Geographic for Kids
Interactive activities for students to use from National Geographic.
    •The Democracy Project
Use this link to learn all about our local government and communities.
    •Early America's Declaring Independence
Unique cyber video about America's Independence and history.
    •Ology Online
Student activites for all areas of science. Sponsored by American Museum of Natural History.
A very popular economics lesson from thinkquest.
Social Studies Resources
    •Colonization Resources
Learn about the 13 colonies here in a huge list of colonization sites.
    •A Stapeless Book
Record student notes and thoughts here for printing.
    •Ben's Guide
A very popular site for understanding government.
    •Social Studies for Kids
Online Magazine with lots of ideas and activities for SS.
Online atlas and activities are found here.
    •Terra Fly
This online tool will allow you to view aerial and topographical maps indexed by zip code.
    •Google Earth
Download and use this exciting tool to view the world around you.
    •National Geographic's Map Machine
Use the map machine to generate all types of maps for your classroom.

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