The Strength of Magnets

Magnetism and Electromagnetism

Created by,
Sam Marks

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This resource will guide the students in their scientific exploration regarding magnets.

Earth's Magnetosphere
    •Earth's Magnetic Field
    •Enchanted Learning - Earth's Magnetosphere
Simple definition of terms.
How come?
    •Ask for Kids- Magnetism
Fun facts about magnetism.
Fun facts.
    •Electromagnets - How can electricity create a magnet?
Magic Magnet
    •Bendable Magnetic Animals and People
Simple and easy to make magnetic figures.
    •Discovery Channel News
Cracking the Case of the Missing Mud article, and at the end of article, there is a video also on a Magnetic Water Slide.
    •Magic Mag net ic
Fun video about magnets.
Magnetic Field
    •What is the magnetic field?
Magnetic Info
    •GCSE Chemistry
A solid site with magnetism information, in simple sentances
    •Ippex Online - Electricity and Magnetism
Interactive web site.
Magnet facts.
    •Magnetic Flux
Going further in research mode.
    •Magnificent Magnets
Facts, activities, resources, standards.
    •Pole in Electricity and Magnetism
Encyclopedia definition of Poles.
    •Think Quest on Magnetism
Simple facts about Magnetism.
    •Wikipedia - magnets
Detailed facts.
Science Room
    •The Little Shop of Physics
A wonderful classroom environment
Teacher Resource
    •Create a Slideshow
Great resource for teachers
Project Based Learning
    •Electricity and Magnetism
Experiments with teacher's notes and guidelines.
    •FOSS Web
    •Magnets - a Hands-on Science Unit for Primary
Lesson Plans
A list of lesson plans from NASA, many having to do with magnetism and electricity
    •Sketching the History of Classical Electromagnetism
A very useful time line.
Technology Tomorrow
    •Discovery Channel News
    •The Why Files
Magnetism enhances the attractiveness of nanoscience.

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