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Andre Siniard

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This is an introduction to probability and you and a partner are going to explore many of its possibilities. This is NOT a point and click lesson. You are expected to think, analyze, and make conclusions.

    •1- Fractions for Probability (Firefox)
What do the top and bottom numbers in the fraction mean?
    •2- Card Probability (Firefox)
You HAVE TO USE strategy on this one to guess them all right in the SECOND round.
    •3- Spinners and Dice (Safari)
COPY THE MY-ECOACH ADDRESS and switch browsers for this one.
    •4- More Dice (Safari)
Enter the number of rolls from 1-5000. Do you understand the graph and the dice table?
    •5- Try Coin Tosses (Safari)
Show your coin toss data as a list, table, or ratio. Do you SEE the information?
    •6- A Different Coin Toss (Safari)
This one shows your coin toss history.
    •7- Card Guessing Game (Safari)
Try just clicking the "Say Red" button 10 times and see how many games you win. Then compare that to clicking "Pass" until you think a red card will show (do it for 10 games as well). Mr. Siniard's favorite game.
    •8- Racing Game With Dice (Safari)
Select what 2 players will roll as a dice sum, decide how many spaces to win, and then START RACE.
    •9- Which is the Key to the Lock? (Safari)
Can anyone figure out the data on this one? Try session versus historical.
    •10- Play Let's Make a Deal (Safari)
Choose the door with the car behind it or you'll be riding the goat home! Compare winning WITHOUT switching your first choice and then WITH switching your first choice.
    •11- Now Quiz Yourself
Are you scared?

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