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What was life like for Taylor's characters?

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Portrait of Mildred Howard as a young writer.

|  Jim Crow laws  |  segregation  |  sharecropping  |  slavery  |  The Great Depression  |

Use the following sites to conduct research into the
world of Taylor's characters. Working in groups, you'll be researching one of the following five topics; segregation, poverty in the 1930s, sharecropping, Mississippi in the 1930s, Jim Crow Laws.
While researching information for your power points,
save images and key points of information.

Jim Crow laws
    •"Jim Crow" laws
This page provides a sampling of Jim Crow laws throughout the southern United States.
    • Jim Crow laws
Another site that gives a sample of laws in various states.
    •American Radioworks: Jim Crow Laws
Specific laws regarding education, marriage, etc. are listed by state.
    •Overview of Jim Crow laws
This site provides a general definition of Jim Crow laws and lists and provides links to specific court cases.
    •The History of Jim Crow
The site supports a PBS special. It includes narratives from people who personally experienced Jim Crow laws and there is an image gallery.
    •The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow
There are SO many resources here; interactive maps and timelines, information about voting then and now, it goes on and on.
    • Brown vs. Board of Ed.
A brief summary of the landmark Supreme Court Case.
    • Plessy vs. Ferguson
A basic explanation of the important court case is given here.
A definition of civil rights is provided here.
    •Biography of America: The Redemptive Imagination
This timeline of American history includes significant moments in the history of African Americans, labor, women, and Native Americans.
    •Flickr: African American "Race" Movies of the 1930s -1950s
Describes movies made by African Americans to be shown to African Americans in segregated theaters.
    •Photographs of Racial Segregation Signs
This is a gallery of 19 images showing segregated facilities.
    •A Photo Dossier on Sharecropping
The American Memory Project has a gallery of photographs of sharecroppers.
    •Bookrags: Sharecropping and Tenant Farming
This site provides an overview of sharecropping.
    •Tenant Farmers
This site has photographs of tenant farmers (sharecroppers) in Alabama 1n the 1930s.
    •The Sharecropping System
This site provides a historical overview of sharecropping; why it began and why and when it ended.
    •The Story of Cotton
The site gives historical background and discusses how cotton is grown and harvested.
    •What is Sharecropping?
This site gives a good, basic definition of sharecropping.
    •1930s Oral History Project
This site showcases the stories of former slaves. These men and women were interviewed in the 1930s.
The Great Depression
    •A Photo Essay on the Great Depression
This site contains numerous images taken during the 1930s.
    •Digital History: Children and the Great Depression
Explore this site for first-person accounts from famous and not-so-famous Americans who were children during the Great Depression.
    •The Depression, the New Deal, and World War II
    •Wall Street Crash and the Depression
This site gives basic description and facts regarding the causes and effects of the Depression.

|  Jim Crow laws  |  segregation  |  sharecropping  |  slavery  |  The Great Depression  |

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