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How can I plan for effective classroom management in my classroom?

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Classroom management was my biggest obstacle during my first year of teaching. I hope that this WRL can help other teachers - beginning and veteran - design a classroom environment that is organized, safe, and engaging for their students.

Downloadable Resources
    •Classroom Management, Teaching Today, Glencoe Online
Tips for classroom management plus downloadable forms and templates including:Student Remediation Plan, Substitute Teacher Information Packet Template, and Classroom Transition Activities.
    •Classroom Mangement
An article by Gene Van Tassell that describes different theories and research on classroom management strategies.
    •The Key to Classroom Management
Article by Robert and Jana Marzano featured in Septemebr 2003 issue of Educational Leadership journal. Highlights research-based strategies.
    •Classroom Management Tips and Beginning of the Year Ideas
Teacher ideas compiled by Cathy-Dee Brand, Grade 1 teacher, St. Mary’s Elementary School, Ft. Vermilion School Division.
    •You Can Handle Them All
Solutions for Handling 117 discipline problems in the classroom. This includes a discussion board area for teachers and parents.

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