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When creating a podcast or a video one of the most difficult things is to find music for the background that is free, especially if you will be showing your project off on your web page or outside of the classroom.

One of the best ways to avoid this is to create your own music. This can be done fairly easily with Garage Band or you can record your school choir, orchestra or jazz band.
If you can't do this, or choose not to here are some sites that offer truly free audio for school use.

    •Open Source Audio
    •PenMachine Podcast
    •Wiki Media Commons Sounds
This is a site that allows you to download and remix music to create your own! cc stands for Creative Commons
    •The Free Sound Project
This is a great site, but there is no remixing allowed.
    •Sound Snap
Web 2.0 looking site. Lots of sounds that are free to use remix and publish. You can download 5 sounds a month with a free account. You must have a log in.
This is a great online way to edit your own music. Fun and easy. Definitely worth using, but not for downloading. Also has picture editing.
    •Wesley Fryer's Blog Audio Resources
A whole listing
No Words
These are audio files created electronically and organized by genre and feel. A great site!
    •Free Loops
This site has over 8000 loops of music that you can use for free. There are sound effects and also links to other information. Can be searched by Creative Commons license.

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