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A collection of links to consider when looking for images to enhance your website.

    •Free Graphics Animations
    •Jo's World
Fun animations organized into nice catagories-Rule for this site... less is sometimes more!
    •Free Graphics Backgrounds
    •Pics4Learning Backgrounds
Banners and Buttons
    •Free Graphics Banners
Click on the Large or Small labels to get more choices.
    •Free Graphics Buttons
    •Roxanne's Button Collection
    •Roxanne's Banners
You can open these banners in Fireworks and add your own text
    •Roanne's Backgrounds
Borders, Tiles, Sidebars-What do you want your page to look like?
    •Cute Colors Banners
Put these into Fireworks and add your own titles
    •Cool Text
Type in your own text and make cute buttons
    •Flaming Text
Create easy banners with this site!
Clipart Collections
    •Awesome Clipart for Educators
Organized by categories. Check out Fonts, General, and Holiday collections
    •Teacher Files
Educational Theme Clipart~ Headings for Subject Areas (Could be used as banners)
    •Cute Colors
    •Country Clipart
    •Free Clip Art by Phillip Martin
Clip art organized by subject areas.
    •Free Graphics Clipart
    •Red Kid
Create personalized graphics-Hollywood Star, IPod etc
    •Roxanne's Lines
Simple lines which can break up a page
Page Sets
    •Roxanne's Page Sets
Don't feel like searching and gathering? Get everything in one spot or just check this out for cute backgrounds.
    •Sno's Studio
Nice page sets in lots of themes
    •School Days Sets
    •I'm a Monkey
Cute page sets
    •Pics 4 Learning
Photos for many topics
    •123 Royalty Free Stock Images
Free for educators

|  Animation  |  Backgrounds  |  Banners and Buttons  |  Clipart Collections  |  Graphics  |  Lines  |  Page Sets  |  Photographs  |

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