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This page contains descriptions and links to wonderful resources that can be used with teacher professional development and technology coaching.

--with Julie Phelps, eMINTS National Center
--with Angie Esser, eMINTS National Center

A. Tools for Collaboration
-a web application for team brainstorming
-online whiteboard application
-social bookmarking site used for sharing resources with participants
-create a network of learners that can share highlights and resources on the web
-create a schedule or make group choices using this tool
    •eCoach Survey Example
-poll participants for immediate data
    •eCoach Survey Results
-here is the results for the Veteran survey example, they update as the survey is taken
    •Google Docs
-groups can share ideas and work in unison on documents and other products here
    •Live Benders
-share knowledge between team members with this online "binder" tool
    •PortaPortal example
-share online resources here with your peers and participants
    •Teacher Ning (eMINTS)
-communication and social forum that can be set up for a group of teachers
    •WallWisher Example
-here is an example collaboration WallWisher on PBL
    •Which Date Works
-assemble a schedule of pd dates with a variety of inputs
B. Tools for Facilitation
    •edu 2.0
-create and facilitate online courses here for free
    •Keys to School
-create and host a free moodle for teachers
    •Keys to School Example
-my next moodle generated in a few minutes at Keys2School
    •My eCoach
-electronic coaching and mentoring forum with builders and excellent facilitation and group communication resources
    •Our Moodle
-a moodle is a very complete facilitation tool for sharing materials, ideas, and resources with participants
-share ideas anywhere with anyone using this online presentation tool
    •Profiler PRO
-create surveys and needs assessments to design pd and to determine skills of participants
    •Slide Rocket
-online presentation tool, deliver your ideas easily with a web-based presentation
    •Survey Monkey
-this online survey tool is great for pre-event and post-session feedback or planning
    •Tag Crowd
-add emphasis to ideas and session content by creating a tag cloud
    •Timer at Harmony Hollow
-download a cool workshop timer here, allows participants to stay on track
    •Timer for Mac
-another facilitator timer, this one for Mac users
    •Wiki PD Example
-this example, from PBWikis, contains resources for staff development
    •Xtranormal Example
-"What is Rust", is an example of an Xtranormal video used to introduce a topic
C. Tools that Communicate
    • Example Coaching Blog
-"Lori's Latest" is anexample of a staff developer's blog which highlights events and classroom activities
-online meeting room with multiple particpants and modes for sharing ideas, documents, and even desktops
    •Example Building Tech Blog
-this staff developer and technology specialist's blog is used to communicate ideas and school happenings
-create a calendar for your organization here, allows multiple editors
    •Google Calendar example
-use an online calendar to keep teachers aprised of upcoming events
    •Learn Central
-offering Elluminate VRooms where up to 3 people can multi-media conference for free
-internet delivered voice chat
    •Tiny url
-transform long, cumbersome internet addresses to short urls for sharing via email, etc.
-quick, short, digestible thoughts and perspectives delivered here
-create a webpage or post webcontent at this site
    •Weebly- Phelps Helps Example
-here is an example weebly created by Julie
-create a free flash-based website here
D. Tools with Content
    •Atomic Learning
-tutorials and walk throughs for educational and technology projects
    •eLearning for Educators
-online professional development for teachers
    •Learn Ed Tech Tutorials
-this blog features tutorials for educators that are easy to follow
    •MO Pd Guidelines for Student Success
-materials provided by the State of Missouri for developing programs with high-quality professional development
    •Online Training Videos for Teachers
-various videos for teachers to view many for integrating learning and technology
    •PD Podcasts
-an example of a staff development podcast
    •PD Videos
-videos that can be used for teacher pd sessions
-tutorials, lessons, and guides for teachers that wish to use various productivity tools with students
    •TeacherTube Channels
-visit TeacherTube "Channels" to locate videos for pd, tutorials, technology, etc.
    •Technology Tips and Tutorials
-several tutorials for teachers that are simple and easy to follow

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