Following Early Spanish Explorers

What was the importance of Alvarez de Pineda, Cabeza de Vaca, and Francisco Vazquez Coronado ? What impact did they have on Spanish Texas?

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Bray, Barbara. Two Tall Ships. 2003. Online. Available. 12 Nov 2003.


These Spanish Explorers searched for land and riches in the 1500's. Discover more about these conquistadors and the lands they discovered.

    •Explorers and Settlers of Spanish Texas
Book by Donald Eugene Chipman and Harriett Denise Joseph.
    •Francisco Vasquez de Coronado, De Vaca, & De Pineda: Explorers and Conquistadors
From Enchanted Learning history and maps.
Pamplet from Spanish Texans
    •de Coronado
The most famous journey ever made in search of treasures in the new world was led by the Spanish Conquistador Coronado.
The journeys of Cortez and de Vaca accompanied by illustrations.
    •Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca
Journey of Cabeza de Vaca
    •Francisco Vasquea de Coronado (1510-1554)
Although Coronado's expedition failed to produce gold it marked the beginning stream of lost mines and buried treasure in Texas.
    •Francisco Vasquez de Coronado
Life history.
    •Coronado, encyclopedia article
From the Columbia Encyclopedia Sixth edition.
    •Filling in the Map
Article regarding Pineda's jouney through the Gulf of Mexico.
    •Alvarez de Pineda, Alonso
Pineda commanded a Spanish expedition that sailed along the Gulf of Mexico coastline. First Europeans to explore and map Spanish Texas.
European discovery and early exloration.
    •Cabeza de Vaca, Alvar Nunez
de Vaca history of travels from the environs of Galveston Island to Couliacan
    •Coronado Expedition
History of Coronado from the Handbook of Texas Online.
    •Routes of Cabeza De Vaca, Coronado, and De Soto and Moscosco
Texas Maps From Atlas of Texas. Published by The University of Texas at Austin, Bureau of Business Research, 1976. Additional resource.
    •Francisco Coronado
Subscription-based service; password required. Article of Coronado's explorations.
    •Further Exploration, Spain Leads: 1500 to 1609
Subscription-based service;password required. Coronado's timeline.
    •Following Early Spanish Explorers
Subscription-based service; password required. ABC-CLIO Schools on-line learning community
    •Following Early Spanish Explorers 2
Subscription-based services;password required. ABC-CLIO Schools on-line learning community. Addirional resourse.

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