Texas Cattle drives

Analyze the impact of the cattle drives on the growth of Texas

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Imagine that you are herding longhorns from the South Texas Plains to the railhead in Abilene, Kansas. Why are you suffering the heat and dust? What will be your rewards? How is it going to help the ones at home?

    •Texas Cattle Drives: Moving Longhorns to Northern Markets
The years immediately following the end of the Civil War saw saw the emergence of a new kind of workingman on the American scene--the cowboys.
    •Texas History Highlights
No single endeavor has marked the image of Texas in the national mind more than the cattle drive
    •Handbook of Texas Online:Cattle trailing
CATTLE TRAILING. Cattle trailing was the principal method of getting cattle to market in the late nineteenth century
    •Hunt for Cattle Trails
Grab your hat, saddle your horse, and ride into cyberspace. In this information age, you can use today's web to learn about the yesterdays of the old west. Below is a list of questions about the Texas Cattle Trails. Use the links below the questions to solve the mystery of the vanishing Texas longhorn.
Details of a cowboy's life
    •Neglect of cattle herds
Views of the neglect of the cattle herds during the Civil War
Individual Trails
    •Cattle Drives & Cattle Drivers
Although the first longhorn cattle drives from Texas between 1866 and 1900 may have been recorded, it is legend that the Western Trail through what in now Vernon was established in 1876
    •Texas Chisolm Trail
historians agree on the history, exact route and even the name of the Chisolm Trail, they do agree that twenty years of cattle drives colored Texas history in ...
    •Early Cattle Drivers Blazed the Way
Much of the way we are is the result of the way things were. Ever wonder why Tecumseh is located where it is, or why old Highway 18 winds around the hills and up the valleys of Pottawatomie County?
    •Texas Cattle Trails
    •cattle drive map 2
Additional map of trails

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