Ranching in Texas

What has ranching meant to Texas?

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Cattle ranching has been a major Texas industry for nearly three centuries. Explore the websites below to find information about the origin of ranching in Texas.

History of Ranches
    •Texas Online-Ranching
Describes the beginning of ranching in Texas.
    •Introduction of Cattle in Early Texas
Describes how cattle came into Texas.
    •National Ranching Heritage Center and Museum Homepage
Information from the Ranching Museum located in Lubbock, Texas.
    •Origins of Ranching
Relates the rise of ranches in Texas to the fall of the missions.
    •The Texas Ranching Frontier
Explains the origins of the cattle drives.
    •Social Consequences of Cattle in Texas
Describes the effect of ranching in Texas.
    •Encyclopedia Britannica-Cowboys
Describes the life of a cowboy from past to modern day. (This web-site is subscription based. Must have a subscription to access this site.)
    •Facts on File
Gives information on Indian and African American cowboys as well as cattle drives. (Subscription based site. Must have subscription to view.)
    •Library of Congress---Cattle Drive
Shows a video clip from 1904 of an actual cattle drive.
Modern Ranches
    •King Ranch Homepage
Describes the King Ranch which is the largest Texas ranch.
    •Contemporary Ranches of Texas
Lists and describes working ranches in Texas
    •East Texas Cowboys
Describes the history of East Texas ranches as well as some modern ranches.
    •Four Sixes Ranch Homepage
Detailed account of the Four Sixes ranch.
Spanish Ranches
    •Ranching in Spanish Texas
Describes how ranches began in Texas while it was still under Spanish rule.
    •Early Tejano Ranching in Duval County
Detailed account of the Rancho San Jose and El Fresnillo.
    •Hooves and Heritage
Describes the early origins of Spanish ranches.

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