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Lee Hanson Graphics. Groundhog. 2011

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Craft Projects
    •Pocket Groundhog
    •Silhouette Picture
Shadow lesson
    •Danielle's Place - Groundhog Crafts
    •Pop Up Puppet
    •Groundhog Days Projects
    •EL Civics for ESL - Groundhog Day
    •Groundhog Day - Starfall Presentation
    •Shadow Lessons and Activities
    •Graphing Groundhog Predictions
    •Measuring with Shadows
    •Groundhog Day Internet Scavenger Hunt
Education World
    •Groundhog Day Lesson Ideas - ISTE
    •Short Groundhog Day Lesson
5 Minute English
    •Groundhog Day Quiz
    •abcteach Groundhog Day Resources
    •DLTK Groundhog Day Resources
    •Groundhog Day - Kaboose
    •Groundhog Day Songs
    •Vicki Blackwell's Groundhog Day Resources
    •Printables @ Enchanted Learning
    •Groundhog Day Explanation
    •Wall Street Journal Slideshow
    •CNN Video
    •Groundhog Day - Talking Storybook
    •Groundhog Day PowerPoint
Mr. Donn

|  Craft Projects  |  Lessons  |  Resources  |  Slideshows/Videos  |

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