George Washington Carver

Scientist and Inventor

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Here are some web resources to support your research on George Washington Carver.

    •Black Inventors:George Washington Carver
Informative site about this famous Black Inventor, teacher, and scientist who's discoveries greatly helped farmers.
    •George Washington Carver:Biography
Short biography about George Washington Carver and his accomplishments. Good starting point for research about Carver.
    •MIT Invention Dimension: George Washington Carver
This brief article on George Washington Carver provides an overview of his education and his inventions, which influenced the world of agriculture.
    •Science Hero: George Washington Carver
Read about George Washington Carver , the African-American scientist "famous for experimenting with plants."
    •Stamp on Black History: George Washington Carver
A nice, concise overview of the life of scientist George Washington Carver. Discusses his childhood/young adult education, his contributions to the world of agriculture, and his other accomplishments throughout his life.
    •World Almanac for Kids: George Washington Carver
George Washington Carver invented more than just peanut butter. A basic biography about this scientist will be good for students doing research papers and projects.

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