Presidents of the United States

What made each President unique during his term of office?

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Sarantakes, Nicholas . "The Nixon and Sports Website." 1998. 04 Mar 2004. .


Use the websites to research the Presidents of the United States.

Biographical Information
    •History of the U.S. Government
Information and pictures on the Presidents and the First Ladies
    •Presidential Biographies
Bios and pictures
    •Presidents of the United States
A great site for most of your Presidential research.
    •Vice Presidents
Pictures of Vice President
Presidential Portraits
    •First Ladies Portraits
Portraits and Biographies of First Ladies
    •Presidential Portraits
Portraits of Presidents and First Ladies
    •Vice Presidents Portraits
Bios and images of Vice Presidents
    •Presidential Trivia
Funny or odd information about the Presidents.
    •USA Presidential Trivia

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