Greek Mythology

The Eternal Journey

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Have you ever been on a journey? Most kids say, "I've never been anywhere!" But everyone is on a journey, even you. The oldest stories in the world are about journeys, and right now there are people making movies, writing stories, and living real life journeys. This web page is going to show you how Greek mythology can teach you how to identify and follow the path of your own personal journey.

How the Ancient Greeks Traveled on the Sea
    •Ships of the Ancient Greeks
Many pictures and artwork from ancient and modern sources showing the kinds of ships in which Odysseus and his men lived and traveled
How Your Journey is a Modern Odyssey
    •A Modern Odyssey WebQuest
This WebQuest will take your own life journey and turn it into a movie script.
Odyessey Game
    •Live The Odyssey as One of the Main Characters
Be Penelope, Telemachus, or Odysseus and see how you would have fared, trying to complete her/his journey.

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