Nature's Fury

Why do we prepare for disasters?

Created by,
Roxanne Clement
Diana Kenney

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Seismic and wind resistance homes in hurricanes and earthquake zones. Old House Web. Accessed 10 October 2004.


This project is aligned to the 5th grade Houghton Mifflin Reading Series, Theme 1: Nature's Fury.

Students will explore websites that will help prepare them to create a home emergency preparedness plan.

Earthquake and Fire Safety
    •FEMA for KIDS
Select the "Get Ready Get Set" link. Follow the "Family Disaster Plan"link. Read about what kinds of disasters can occur in California and find out what kinds of important items you can put in your own survival kit.
    •Earthquakes For Kids
Find out cool facts about eathquakes and become more informed about what to do in an emergency.
    •Risk Watch: Natural Disasters
Activities for preparing and dealing with disasters before, during, and after a natural emergency.
Emergency Safety Planning
    •USFA Kids Page
Have you ever wondered what you would do if there was a fire in your home? Or why it is important to have a fire escape plan? Follow the "Escape Planning" and Fire Safety" links to learn more.
    •FireWise Home
How can you keep your home safe from wild fires? Take this virtual tour to find out.
    •Sparky The Fire Dog
What are the elements of an effective a emergency plan? Follow the Miller family to find out.

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