Milwaukee: Then and Now

Use the websites below to explore what Milwaukee was like 200 years ago and what Milwaukee is like today

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Hernandez, Lenore. "Summerfest." Picture Milwaukee Places, July 1, 2004


This resource list is a collection of websites about Milwaukee history, pictures of Milwaukee, and places to visit in Milwaukee today. As you get started researching about Milwaukee to make your brochure, use the websites below. The websites under the "General Information about Milwaukee" section will be especially helpful in finding information about your specific tourist attraction in Milwaukee.

General Information about Milwaukee
    •City of Milwaukee
This website includes information about Milwaukee's history, services, businesses, and neighborhoods.
This website includes information about restaurants, sporting events, and entertainment found in Milwaukee today.
    •Milwaukee: The Genuine American City
This website has information and links to tourist attractions in Milwaukee to visit. Learn about places to shop, eat, and events happening in Milwaukee today.
    •Discover Milwaukee
This website includes great information about Milwaukee's founding fathers, things to do, and different communities in Milwaukee. Check out the Fun Facts link to learn about famous people from Milwaukee and Milwaukee slang!
    •Mrs. Borofka's Fourth Grade Milwaukee Page
This website was created by a fourth grade class! You can learn about Milwaukee history, industry, tourism, and fun facts.
Historical Information about Milwaukee
    •Milwaukee History
This website tells about people and places important in Milwaukee during the 1800's and 1900's.
    •Milwaukee County Historical Society Homepage
This website includes a great timeline of important events in Milwaukee history. Click on each event on the timeline to learn more. This website also includes pictures and some information about historical houses in Milwaukee.
    •Children in Urban America: A brief history of Milwaukee
This website includes information about immigrants who came to Milwaukee, population trends, and political policies during the past 200 years.
    •Milwaukee History Trivia
Test your knowledge of Milwaukee history by trying to answer these 20 trivia questions. Good luck!
    •WFC: Solomon Juneau Founder of Milwaukee
This website contains great information about Solomon Juneau, his fur trading company, and pictures of his house.
Milwaukee Books and Authors
    •John December's Milwaukee Book List
This website contains a great list of books about Milwaukee and books written by authors from Milwaukee. Click on any book title to purchase that book online.
Milwaukee Photographs
    •Old Milwaukee Postcards
You will find great pictures from the 1800's and 1900's of Milwaukee's theaters, City Hall, breweries, schools and much more.
    •Wisconsin Electronic Reader Image Galleries
This website contains some great pictures of Solomon Juneau, his family, and his house.
    •John December's picures of Milwaukee
This website is a collection of many wonderful pictures of Milwaukee today. Make sure to click on "Milwaukee Makes Place" at the bottom of the screen to find more great pictures of Milwaukee taken by Milwaukee citizens.
    •JSOnline: Historic Milwaukee Photos
This website has some great black and white photographs of what downtown Milwaukee used to look like 100 years ago. Captions underneath each picture give some great historical information about Milwaukee.

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