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December, John. "Miller Park." December.com July 2, 2004


One of the district social studies assessments the third graders will complete this year is a project about Milwaukee. For this assessment, each student will choose a tourist attraction in Milwaukee today to research. The students should use the websites below to find information. Using the information they find, each student will create a brochure about his/her place using Microsoft Publisher. The brochure should include general information about your place (hours it is opened, how much it costs to get in, and the website address), the history of your place (when was it built, why was it built, who built it, how much did it cost to build it), what can visitors do and see there, and why visitors should visit your place (see if you can find some amazing facts for this section!). When the students are finished making their brochures about all the exciting places to visit in Milwaukee, they will e-mail them to a pen pal in a different state. The students' pen pals will be able to learn about our urban community and all there is to do in Milwaukee. In return, their pen pals will e-mail information and pictures of their community.

How to Cite your Sources
    •Play it Cyber Safe
This webite has a section for parents, kids, and teachers to use. Each section provides information about copyright law, how to avoid cyber crime through misuse of the Internet, and great links to other sites.
    •Oregon School Library Information System
This website, geared towards elementary students, explains what plagiarism is and how to cite sources used. Students should click on the words "Citation Maker" (in red) to enter information to create a proper citation for the websites used to create their Milwaukee brochure.
    •NoodleBib: MLA Starter
This is another easy-to-use website to create a proper citation. Students must have proper citation on their brochure for the websites they used to gather information about their place in Milwaukee.
More Places to Visit
    •House of Harley Davidson
House of Harley Davidson in Milwaukee homepage.
    •Harley Davidson: The Milwaukee Rally
Information about the Milwaukee rally and Harley Davidson.
The official Sprecher Brewery website.
    •Miller Brewery
The official Miller Brewery website. Make sure you view this website with your mom or dad.
    •Potawatomi Bingo Casino
The official Potawatomi Bingo Casino website.
    •The Captain Federick Pabst Mansion
The official Pabst Mansion website.
    •Betty Brinn Children's Museum
The official website of the Betty Brinn Children's Museum.
    •AOL City Guide to Betty Brinn's Children's Museum
More information about the Betty Brinn Children's Museum.
    •America's Black Holocaust Museum
The official website of America's Black Holocaust Museum in Milwaukee.
    •Exodus On-line: America's Black Holocaust Museum
More information about the founder and exhibits in the Black Holocaust Museum.
    •Milwaukee Public Museum
The official Milwaukee Public Museum website.
    •International Clown Hall of Fame
The official Milwaukee Clown Hall of Fame website.
    •The Mitchell Gallery of Flight
The official website of the Mitchell Gallery of Flight Museum.
    •Milwaukee Art Museum
The official Milwaukee Art Museum website.
    •acrspace.com: The Milwaukee Art Museum
More information and pictures of the newly rebuilt Milwaukee Art Museum.
    •Discovery World- Museum of Science, Economics, and Technology
The official Discovery World website.
Outdoor Parks, Gardens, and Sites
    •Wisconsin State Fair Park
The official website of State Fair.
    •Wisconsin State Fair Park
Another great website with lots of information about the State Fair in Milwaukee.
    •Milwaukee County Zoo
The official Milwaukee County Zoo website.
    •Oceans of Fun (at the Milwaukee County Zoo)
This website has some great information about the sealion show at the zoo.
    •Milwaukee County War Memorial
The official Milwaukee County War Memorial website.
    •OnMilwaukee.com: War Memorial Center
Information about America's Freedom Center being built at the War Memorial Center.
    •Schlitz Audubon Nature Center
The official Schlitz Audubon Nature Center website.
    •AOL CityGuide: Schlitz Audubon Nature Center
Some more information about the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center.
    •Countyparks: The Domes
Great information about each Dome and the history of The Domes.
The official Summerfest website.
    •The Cultured Traveler: Summerfest
More information and pictures of Summerfest.
    •Milwaukee County Parks: Boerner Botanical Gardens
Information and pictures of the Boerner Botanical Gardens.
    •Friends of the Boerner Botanical Gardens
More information about the plants, tours, and educational programs offered at the Boerner Botanical Gardens.
Sports Arenas and Sites
    •Milwaukee Brewers
The official website of the Milwaukee Brewers.
    •Ballparks: Miller Park
Information and great pictures of Miller Park.
    •Ballpark Visits: Miller Park
LOTS of information and pictures of Miller Park.
    •The Pettit National Ice Center
The official Pettit National Ice Center website.
    •Aroundtown Northeast Wisconsin: The Pettit National Ice Center
Great information about the Pettit National Ice Center.
    •Bradley Center
The official Bradley Center website.
    •Milwaukee Mile
The official Milwaukee Mile website.
    •Midwest Council of Sports Car Clubs: The Milwaukee Mile
More great information and pictures of the Milwaukee Mile racetrack.
Theaters and the Ballet
    •Marcus Center for the Performing Arts
The official Marcus Center for the Preforming Arts website.
    •The Rep
The official Milwaukee Repertory Theather website.
    •First Stage Children's Theater
The official First Stage Children's Theater website.
    •Theater Wisconsin: First Stage Children's Theater
Some information about First Stage Children's Theater and the shows performed there.
    •Milwaukee Ballet
The official Milwaukee Ballet website.
    •Wisconsin Arts Board: Milwaukee Ballet
More information and pictures of the Milwaukee Ballet.

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