Native American Life

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Pedroni, Aaron. Bark House. barkhouse.jpeg. 0. My eCoach® eLibrary. Online. Available. 10 August 2004.


These are resources that provide information about Native American tribes.

General Information
    •Cultures of North America
This has basic information about many tribes. A good starting point.
This describes Native American art, technology, games, and other interesting parts of daily life.
Links to many sites with information about Native American tribes.
Specific Tribes
    •Hopi Tribe of the Southwest
Information on the Hopi tribe.
    •Chumash of California
Information about the Chumash.
    •Nez Perce
New Perce information.
    •Iroquois of the East
Carnegie Mellon museum information out Iroquois.
    •Lakota of the South
Carnegie Mellon website on Lakota.
    •Tlingit of the North
Northwest Coast tribe

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