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Mayan Sculpture


You might like to compare the Mayan number system with the numbers we use in everyday Math. Look at these sites, get some information and compare with what you know about numbers.

Math Activities
    •Mayan Math Worksheet
Try these activities to see if you understand Mayan symbols as numbers.
Mayan Glyphs used in Calendars and Counting
    •Mayan Math
See drawings called 'glyphs' which were used to count as numbers in Mayan culture. These glyphs were also used in the Mayan Calendar.
    •The Maya Calendar
Notice the designs that were used to describe each day on the Mayan Calendar.
    •Mayan Prophecies and Calendar
The Maya kept time with a combination of several cycles to mark the movement of the sun, moon and Venus.
Mayan Symbols used as Numbers
    •Mayan Math
View the symbols used for numbers 1-19 in Mayan culture.
    •Mayan Math concept for zero
Find out how the idea for Zero '0' came from Mayan Math.
    •Math in the Mayan Society
Ancient Mayan society used three symbols to make any number.

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