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These are a list of good sites to find your information on your president.

    •American Presidents: Life Portraits
Detailed information on each president along with photos.
    •Enchanted Learning: Presidents
An easy to read site that will give you information on your president.
    •Presidents Biography
A site that will link you to other sites that have information on your president.
    •Reference Resources: United States President
A site that provides many links to other sites with president information.
    •The White House
The official site of the White House with information on past and current presidents.
    •Web Presidents USA
A site with stange and different information about presidents. Great place for intresting information.
    •Whitehouse Kids
A great site to get information about past presidents and a coloring page.
    •Yahooligans: Presidents
Information is listed by president. Provides MANY links to other president sites.

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