Hurricanes in the U.S. Southeast

What can you do to prepare for and survive a disaster?

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Barbara Bray

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National Weather Service." Hurricane Floyd." Photo courtesy of NOAA/NCEP. Online. Available. 04 September. 2004.


September seems to be the start of hurricane season and this year seems to have some pretty devastating storms. We want all of our friends in Florida to be safe and prepared for such stormy weather. Hope that many of our friends were able to make it through Hurricane Frances and now are prepared for the next big storm Hurricane Ivan. Sending lots of good wishes your way!!

Below are some resources that we hope will help people in and around Florida as the hurricane comes close.

How do you compare today's hurricanes with past hurricanes and how they impacted the people, the economy, and the environment?

Tracking Hurricanes
    •National Hurricane Center
    •Tropical Meteorological Project
    •Sun-Sentinel Hurricane Headquarters
Preparing and Surviving
    •Hurricane Awareness
    •Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
    •After a Disaster
    •Extension Disaster Education Network
    •Fun, Sun, and Hurricanes
Sandra Baird created this project for 4-8 students so they could understand how the climate and geography affected how people live and work in the southeast.
    •Extreme Weather Sourcebook
Review the damage hurricanes have inflicted on the different states up to 2001. Find the damage incurred for recent hurricanes and determine which hurricane has been the most devastating.

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