California Indians

Hopi, Miwok, and Modoc Indians

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A Hopi Indian Woman and Her Child. c. 1900. Edward S. Curtis, courtesy of Cline Library Special Collections, Northern Arizona University


This web resource list is geared for a third or fourth grade classroom. This web resource link can be used as a tool to researching some of the great indian tribes of California. Topics addressed on this web resource list are tribal religions, dress, customs, artifacts etc.

Hopi Indians
    •Hopi Indians
This web site has lots of information on Hopi Indians. Some of the topics on this web site are Hopi art, food, religion, children, vocabulary and legends.
    •The Hopi Indians by Alex
This is a website created by Alex. He tells about some of the interesting things about the Hopi. Some things on this site are what the Hopi eat and what women, men, and children of the Hopi do.
    •The Hopi of the Southwest
Topics on this site are corn and other crops, weddings, children, water and information on the Hopi people.
Making An Indian Village
    •Native American Indian Village
This site explains how to make and indian village. It lists what is expected to be in the village and how many points each part of the village is worth.
Miwok Indians
    •Miwok Information
This site has information on the Miwok and their religion, how they live, the food they cooked and more.
    •CULTURE: Coast Miwok Indians
This site discusses the Miwok and where they lived. Roles and Food of the Miwok are also discussed.
    •Miwok Indians
This is an easy to read website about the Miwok Indians. This site has information on Miwok history, their language and more.
    •Stories in El Dorado County's History
This website tells a short story of how and where Miwoks lived. It also talks about how the Miwoks had their land taken from them by the U.S.
    •"The Miwok," The North American Indian by Edward S. Curtis
This site has pictures of Miwok Indians.
Modoc Indians
This site gives a brief history of the Modoc.
    •Modoc War
This site gives a brief look at the Modoc War fought between the U.S. and the Modoc Indians.
    •Captian Jack
This site tells about the captain of the Modoc and how he influence the Modoc durning the Modoc war.
    •A Brief History of the Modoc War
This site tells what happen during the Modoc War.
    •Online of Events In Hisory of the Modoc War
This site provides a timeline of the MOdoc War.
    •Modoc Pictures
A picture of a Modoc man.

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