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Members and friends of My eCoach® Online generously donated hundreds of photos, clip art, and video for teachers and students to use. This WRL links to collections we have featured on our Home Page or member newsletter. You will also see projects where the donated images were used.

If you are a My eCoach® Online member and would like to submit resources, you can do so by logging-in and choosing the Submit a Resource link in the eLibrary. We approve quality resources to be added into our eLibrary periodically.

Friends of My eCoach®
    •Jon Kretzu, California
Jon is a director and has travelled all over. He donated pictures from England, New York, and Malibu.
    •Sheryl Huang, California
Sheryl donated pictures from her trips to Spain and Peru.
    •Emmy Butko, California
Emmy is Barbara's neighbor. She donated pictures of flowers and animals. This collection is growing and growing.
    •Aaron Pedroni, California
Aaron donated video clips and pictures from Okinawa, Mexico, Yosemite National Park, San Francisco Bay Area.
Member Collections
    •Marilyn Kircus, Texas
Marilyn donated bird, kayaking, and nature images from around Texas, Louisiana, and great pictures from her trip to Italy.
    •Gaye Lewis, California
Gaye donated pictures of Native American and Pioneer Life objects, dwellings, and places.
    •Ken Bakken: Washington
Ken donated pictures from Italy and New York City.
    •Patti Kennamer, Texas
8th grade Texas Science teacher with pictures from TX, NM, and Germany including Dachau.
    •Peggy Benton, SFSU Instructor
SFSU Instructor donated pictures of tide pools and marine life from Bodega Bay, CA.
    •Meredith Blache, Virgin Islands
Donated pictures from when she taught a collaborative project in the Virgin Islands.
    •Anne Hong, California
Anne donated abstract photographs and orginal artwork.
    •Peggy Lin, California
Peggy Lin recently visited Yellowstone National Park and also created several Flash animations on Chinese writing.
Partner Collections
    •FableVision, Massachusetts
Donated clip art and animated gifs of the presidents of the United States.
    •MovieWorks, California
Donated clip art, photos, and video from its MovieWorks software, a multimedia authoring suite. More is available to My eCoach community.
    •School Technology Resources
Donated scientific images taken from SCALAR microscope cameras.
    •Crick Software, Washington
Donated sound files of animals, words, and phonemes.
Unique Collections
    •Rosalie Ritz, California
Founder of Upstairs Arts and Technology, Inc., Rosalie Ritz is also a former courtroom artist. She donated original sketch artwork.
    •Sara Bray (now Zimmerman), California
Donated original watercolor drawings from Egyptian artifacts to Holiday clip art.

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