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October-November 2004

Who is Kimberly Benedict?

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Kimberly Benedict


Kimberly teaches 3rd grade students in Edgewood Elementary School. She served on the district technology and math committees where she and other teachers revised district curriculum and assessments. Last year, Kimberly was chosen as the technology mentor for her school and used My eCoach ® Online to develop projects and collaborate with other teachers. She recently earned her Master’s Degree in Educational Computing this past summer.

We asked Kimberly a few questions to learn more about her teaching:

When did you first start teaching and how long have you been a teacher?
I started teaching in 1999. I taught for one year in a Charter school in
Milwaukee. The past five years I have been a third grade teacher in the Greenfield School District. This will be my sixth year of teaching.

Why did you become a teacher?
I decided to become a teacher because I love working with children. I enjo learning from children, watching them grow, laughing with them, and challenging them. I consider it an incredible privilege to be a part of my students' lives.

How has technology been used in your classroom? Has it impacted the way your students learn?
I have used technology in a variety of ways in my classroom. Last year I feel that integrated the use of technology and our district curriculum well. Thus, I was able to maximize the use of the computers in my classroom and our time in the computer lab. My students used the computers in our classroom to practice reading skills, practice math facts, type stories they wanted to publish, and as enrichment for the students who needed to work ahead. During the year my students created a Power Point slideshow of our field trip, completed several district assessments using Publisher, created a book for Mother's Day using Publisher, e-mailed other third grade students in different states to learn about their communities, made a brochure about Milwaukee using Publisher, created various graphic organizers using Kidspiration, and learned to type with two hands. Thus, my students see technology as a tool for learning, creating, and practicing skills they have been taught. My students are quick to pick up new computer skills and love the activities we do on the computers.

Check out the links below to some of Kimberly's projects.

    •Sun, Moon, and Earth
This unit explores the relationship between the sun, moon, and earth. Students will learn about rotation, revolution, seasons, night and day, phases of the moon, the planets, and eclipses.
    •Changes in Milwaukee
Over time, communities change for many different reasons. While completing this unit, students will explore how transportation, communication, jobs, education, government, and housing have changed in Milwaukee over the past 200 years.
    •Milwaukee: Then and Now
This resource list is a collection of websites about Milwaukee history, pictures of Milwaukee, and places to visit in Milwaukee today. As you get started researching about Milwaukee to make your brochure, use the websites below. The websites under the "General Information about Milwaukee" section will be especially helpful in finding information about your specific tourist attraction in Milwaukee.
    •Oh the Places You'll Go...in Milwaukee
A WRL used in a project where students create brochures using Publisher and share them with pen pals to teach about their community.

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