The World of Ancient India

What was Ancient India's role in shaping the modern world?

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Artist unknown. "Shiva Nataraja, Lord of the Dance." Art Institute of Chicago Endowment 1965. 28 October 2004


This is listing of web resources that cover the early history of India.

8-12 Grade History
    •Ancient India - The British Museum
This comprehensive resource is full of information about Ancient Inda. This is an appropriate resoucre for 8-12 grade students that are middle to high level learners.(Keywords: Ancient India, India, History of India)
    •The Ancient Indus Valley
This resoucre combines the history of ancient india, and indian arts. This site is appropriate for 8-12th grade low to high level learners. (Keywords: Ancient India, Ancient Civilization, History of India, Arts of Ancient India)
    •Exploring Ancient World Cultures
An overview of the Bhagavad Gita and how it shaped culture and history in India. This site is appropriate for 9-12th grade students that are higher learners. (Keywords: Indian Literature, Ancient India, Indian Culture)
Arts of India
    •Elephant with Riders
This resouce comes from the Getty Museum. It is an exploration of the ancient arts and symbolism. This site is appropriate for 8-12th graders that are higher learners. (Keywords: Indian Art, Indian Sculpture, Ancient Art, India, Art)
    •The Majestic Mahal
This resource combines Indian history with architecture and significant sites of India. This site is appropriate for 6-12 graders that are low to middle level learners, (Keywords: Taj Mahal, India, Ancient India, Architecture, Ancient Architecture)
    •Be a Vishnu Avatar
This resource comes from the Art Institute of Chicago. Combine the ancient art of Indian storytelling with sculpture. This resouce is appropriate for 6-12th grade students that are low to middle level learners.(Keywords: Vishnu, Avatar, India, Indian Art, Indian Storytelling, Storytelling, Indian Culture)

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