Who were the Aztecs?

A web resource list about the Ancient Aztecs

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Illustrator, unknown. "HUITZILOPOCHTLI." Aztec Gods and Religion, date unknown. Retrieved November 4 2004,


Find excellent websites for middle school to high school students below.

Arts of the Aztecs
    •ARTSEDGE: Animal Spirit and Powers
This resource integrates visual arts, foreign language, and language arts into one project. This site is appropriate for 6-8th grade high to average learners.
Aztec Culture
    •Lords of the Earth
This resource explores the anthropology and archaeology of the Aztec, Mayan and Incan civilizations. This resource is appropriate for 9-12th graders that are middle to high level learners.
Basic Historical Information
    •Empires Past: Reference Library
A simple but comprehensive website that has maps,stories, and what is happening now to the Aztec people. This site is useful for all levels of learners grades 6-10.
    •Pre-History of Latin America
This resource comes from Minnesota State University. Learn about the different tribes that were key to the cultural development of Latin America and Mexico. This site is appropriate for 9-12 grade students that are at a middle to high level of learning.
Webquest with lesson plans
    •The Conquistadors
This resource comes from PBS. It is a historical timeline of the history of the Aztecs and their eventual clash with the Spanish Conquistadors. This resource is appropriate for 6-12th grade student at any learning level.
    •Welcome to Mexico
This resource offers you and your students activities based on Aztec and Mexican culture. This resource is appropriate for 6-12th grade students that are at a middle to low level of learning.

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