Plotting Florida Hurricanes

What can you learn from past hurricanes?

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Hurricane (image by NASA)


Losses from hurricanes especially in Florida have increased as the population grows.

1. Review the maps and charts under Tracking Losses to show the deadliest and costliest hurricanes. The last chart represents how population growth affects loss from disasters.

2. Read about how Florida Hurricanes have taken a toll on people and insurance costs.

3. Take notes on Projecting Costs on how the Florida population is growing and how insurance companies could anticipate the future costs of hurricanes.

Tracking Losses
    •Hurricane Map
Map showing tracks of the deadliest and costliest hurricanes that occurred in the U.S. between 1900 and 1993. (Data from NOAA).
    •Legend of Hurricane Map
Refer to this legend when reviewing the Hurricane Map.
    •Chart of Losses
Bar chart comparing economic losses versus injured losses per 1990 dollars. Since the 1960s, economic losses from natural disasters have tripled, while insured losses have quintupled.
    •Plot of Cumulative Loss
Plot of cumulative frequency of dollar loss due to earthquakes and hurricanes in the U.S. between 1900 and 1989. Data presented in this manner show trends that could provide the probability of forecasting future dollar loss.
    •Population Growth and Loss from Disasters
As the population grows, so does the area of intersection, leading to costlier and deadlier disasters.
    •Hurricane Tracking
Learn the difference between a category 1 and category 5 hurricane.
Florida Hurricanes
    •Frequency of Florida Hurricanes
The frequency of Florida hurricanes with wind speeds greater than or equal to 100 knots is mapped in terms of the probability of occurrence during a 20 year exposure window. These estimates, based on 106 years of observations, illustrate that hurricanes with 100 knot winds occur more frequently in southern Florida, and gradually decrease in frequency towards northern Florida. Definition of Knots at
    •Toll of Four Hurricanes
Four storms in two months devastated Florida. This article from FloridaToday provides statistics on loss of life, costs, power outages, and much more.
    •Insurance Losses
Article from Insurance Journal that provides statistics on losses from four hurricanes.
Projecting Costs
    •Hurricane Models
Insurance companies could better anticipate their annual costs in hurricane claims if they used more accurate models of storm winds and the severity of damage they will likely cause.
    •Florida's Population Growth
From 1990-2000 Florida's population grew by 23.5% with an increase of three million people.
    •Atlas of Florida
Four different views of population over time.
    •Florida Population, Components of Change
PDf form of dates of data including population from 1950 to 2013.

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